20 Years and Counting: That's a Lot of Eggs!

Egg’lectic Café of Wheaton Celebrates 20 Years of Serving as Wheaton’s Favorite Breakfast Spot.

On any given day of the week, at the Egg’lectic Café in Downtown Wheaton, you will find suited businessmen, retired seniors, young mothers with children and 20 something hipsters all enjoying their favorite version of breakfast.  As waitresses dodge each other to deliver platters of its famous skillet breakfasts, homestyle hash browns, sizzling bacon, eggs over easy and enough coffee to float a battleship, the atmosphere is buzzing and homey.  Adding to the warm feel of this restaurant, recognized as the home of DuPage County’s best breakfasts, is the vast assortment of chicken figurines (from blown glass to porcelain) and chicken and farm inspired art displayed on shelves and along the walls.

On March 11, 1999, the Bozonelos family opened Egg’lectic Café in Downtown Wheaton and has been serving Wheatonites their favorite version of breakfast and lunch for the past 20 years.  In honor of this milestone for the restaurant and the family, Egg’lectic Café is offering 20% off all menu items from March 11 to March 29th, Monday through Friday.  It’s just one way the Bozonelos family is expressing its appreciation to the community for supporting this very special restaurant.  The generous offer is also being extended to its sister restaurant of the same name located in Wheaton’s Town Square which was opened in 2007.

For 38 years, the Bozonelos family has had a rich history of restaurant ownership and community involvement in the community of Wheaton.  The family first opened Wheaton Restaurant at the corner of Front and Hale Street in 1981 in what was a modest two rooms with a snack shop.  When the business obtained a liquor license, the family positioned the bar between the two rooms and changed the name to Café Wheaton.  During this time, the family also decided to open Egg’lectic Café  just one block north of Café Wheaton at the corner of Hale and Wesley.

In 2002, the family decided to convert Café Wheaton into an Irish bar and Muldoon’s was born. In 2005, the Bozonelos sold Muldoon’s and focused their attention on Egg’lectic Café, which, over the years has proven to be a thriving location at 145 North Hale Street.

The Bozonelos family has always believed in giving back to their community.  Over the 38 years, they have generously supported a multitude of schools and churches through their contributions of gift certificates, cash and in-kind donations.

Today, the family owned restaurant offers seating for 100+ guests and features outdoor café seating in the warmer months.  The restaurant’s large picture windows offer diners (lucky enough to catch a booth) the perfect spot to people watch along busy Hale and Wesley Street.

It’s the one place where you are guaranteed to run into friends and neighbors; all taking the time for a friendly hello. It is also where your favorite waitress already knows to put your order in the kitchen before you sit down.  Let’s all take the time to celebrate the past 20 years of the Egg’lectic Cafe, while looking  forward to the next 20 as we take our first sip of morning coffee.

Downtown Wheaton