Downtown Wheaton Welcomes Moveable Feast + Company

Downtown Wheaton’s Hale Street, known to many as “restaurant row,” has just welcomed Geneva favorite Moveable Feast + Company (MF + Co) to the neighborhood. Owned by Wheaton natives and high school sweethearts Matt (Wheaton North) and Ashley Marquez (Wheaton Academy), MF + Co opened its second location to the public on October 23, 2018. The original location, which first planted its roots as a cafe and catering company, has been a staple in the Geneva community since 1999. And yes, they will also be selling their famous brownies from Oprah’s favorite things list in Wheaton!

This is the Marquez family’s third business endeavor. After first acquiring Moveable Feast in 2013, the Marquez’s ventured deeper into the hospitality industry, taking to Aurora, IL to open a luxury wedding and corporate event venue, Company 251. Their ultimate dream, however, was to create a restaurant that would truly encompass their mission of thoughtful, wholesome, handmade foods that was different from the rest. And different MF + Co is. This restaurant is unique in that it offers not only casual and formal dining in its space, but also a takeaway section with a walk-up window on the north side of the building for a quick coffee or bite to go. The unique layout is ideal for customers since it essentially gives them the ability to decide what experience they are looking for. Split into full service dine-in, as well as a casual cafe that offers a fresh juice and coffee bar, MF + Co has something for everyone.

The full-service portion of MF + Co offers beautifully curated entree items on a fixed brunch menu, but that is not the entirety of their dine-in experience. Already boasting an impressive cocktail bar, MF + Co will offer an equally thoughtful and unique dinner menu starting Thursday, December 27th! “Our desire and expectation have always been to not only serve amazing food but to give our customers an “experience”.  For us, that looked like focusing first on brunch and focusing on that, before we introduced a full dinner menu. This is our first time venturing into full-service dining, so we wanted to make sure we got it right,” Ashley said.

The ribbon cutting ceremony for MF + Co will take place on January 4, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. Appetizers will be provided for those in attendance.

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