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“Walk Your Wheels” in Downtown Wheaton
No Riding on Downtown Sidewalks 

With current activities limited by COVID-19, many people have taken up riding bikes, scooters, skateboards and in-line skates for recreation or transportation. In response, new signs are going up around the downtown to remind residents and visitors where you need to “walk your wheels” for the safety of pedestrians.  

The City of Wheaton does not allow riding bicycles, skateboards, scooters or in-line skates on the sidewalks within the heart of the downtown, which includes:

  • Wesley Street to the north 
  • Cross Street to the east 
  • Willow Street to the south 
  • West Street to the west 

While you can still ride on the streets, if you choose to go on the
sidewalk, you must walk your wheels on the sidewalks. This rule is set by City Code, and violators can be fined.

Please note that riding is allowed on the portion of the Illinois Prairie Path that runs through the downtown, just south of the railroad tracks. 

We appreciate your cooperation in helping make our downtown a pedestrian-friendly place for all to enjoy.

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