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The success of Downtown Wheaton is made possible by the continued generous support of our community. We work with small business owners, residents, property owners and local leadership to ensure that Downtown Wheaton continues to grow and thrive.


With your support we will continue to offer supportive resources to our businesses, special events to the community, develop marketing and promotional initiatives, and continue our work for recruitment and retention for the downtown district that is the heart of this community.

stakeholder Benefits

Retail Business Owners

Increased Sales
Improved Image
Increased Value Of Business
Coordinated Efforts Between Local Business And Franchises
Quality Of Business Life
Educational Opportunities (Seminars And Workshops)
Increased Traffic
District Marketing Strategies (Promotion And Advertising)
Better Business Mix
New Market Groups Downtown
Community Pride
Have Needs/issues Addressed

Service Business Owners

Image Building/improvement
New/renewed/repeated Exposure
Increased Variety Of Services
Healthier Economy Generates New/more Business
Increased Competition Means More Aggressive Business Styles
Tapping Leakage
Increased Population, New Customers
Improved Image, Creates New Market


Main Street Approach Reinforces Common Goal Of Preservation
Increases Coalition
Increased Awareness And Credibility
Education Of Public And Group
Improved Public Image
Improved Economic Feasibility Of Preservation

Financial Institutions

Community Reinvestment Act (Federal Government Requirement)
Potential For Loans, Deposits, And Other Services (Bank Cards, Financial Services)
Improved Image And Good Will
Survival Of Community Critical To Bank Success And Economic Stability
Central Location More Cost Effective

County Government

Increased Public Relations For County
Viable Downtown Increases Tax Base
Rippling Effect
Viable Downtown Is A Draw For Industry And County-wide Area Businesses
Common Partnership With City Hall
County/community Pride
Heritage Preservation
Alternative To A Redevelopment District
Quality Of Life Issues Especially For Employees
Help With Parking Issues
Utility Companies
Additional Business
Longer Business Hours
More Employees
Healthy Businesses Feel Freer To Increase Utility Usage
Healthy Economy Causes Community To Grow
Overcome Bad Guy Image
Proof Of New Products
Quality In Main Street Public Improvements