Downtown Wheaton Financial Information

Board of Directors for the Downtown Wheaton Association meets the second Wednesday of every month at 8:00 am in the offices of the DWA located at 108 East Wesley Street. The meetings are open to the public.

The Board of Directors for the 2019 Fiscal Year: 2019 Downtown Wheaton Association Board of Directors Contacts

By-laws of the Downtown Wheaton Association: 2019 Downtown Wheaton Association By-Laws


Board Meeting Minutes. May 2019
P & L Report, May 2019
Balance Report, May 2019

Board Meeting Minutes, April 2019
P&L Report, April 2019
Balance Report, April 2019

Board Meeting Minutes, March 2019
P&L Report, March 2019
Balance Report, March 2019

Board Meeting Minutes, February 2019
P&L Report, February 2019
Balance Report, February 2019

Board Meeting Minutes, January 2019
P&L Report, January 2019
Balance Report, January 2019


Board Meeting Minutes, December 2018
P&L Report, December 2018
Balance Report, December 2018 

Board Meeting Minutes November 2018
P&L Report, November 2018
Balance report November 2018 

Board Meeting Minutes, October 2018
P&L Report, October 2018
Balance Report, October 2018

Board Meeting Minutes, September 2018
P&L Report, September 2018
Balance Report, September 2018 

Board Meeting Minutes August 2018
P&L Report, August 2018
Balance Report, August 2018 

Board Meeting Minutes, July 2018
P&L Report, July 2018
Balance Report, July 2018

Board Meeting Minutes, June 2018
P&L Report, June 2018
Balance Report, June 2018

Board Meeting Minutes, May 2018
P&L Report, May 2018
Balance Report May 2018 

Board Meeting Minutes April 2018
P&L Report, April 2018 

Board Meeting Minutes March 2018
P&L Report, March 2018
Balance report March 2018 

Board Meeting Minutes February 2018
P&L Report February 2018
Balance report February 2018 

Board Meeting Minutes January 2018
P&L Report, January 2018
Balance report January 2018