Midwest Cyclery

Doug, Owner/Manager

Midwest Cyclery offers bicycle sales and service in beautiful Downtown Wheaton. Located on Front Street, they are just off the Prairie Path!

Why did you start or get into this business. I had graduated college and was working for the owner who decided to retire. I felt I could take the existing business and make it better. It is an interesting business from the challenges of repairs to the ever changing business environment.

What will customers ALWAYS find when entering your business? Customers will always find thousands of parts and accessories for bicycles, hundreds of bicycles in stock and sales people who are ready to help.

Who knew?! - What is your best kept secret product or service that you offer to customers? We provide a free bike pump outside for customers to use. Did you know that you should put air in your bike tires every week. As you ride, air naturally escapes and the higher the pressure on the tire, the faster the air will escape.  

Also, bike helmets only have a shelf life of 7 years! Check the date on the inside of your helmet and if yours is expired, come in and check out our options! If there is no date, it’s probably time for a new helmet. 

What is something you want customers to remember about your business? You will always find quality repairs and service of bicycles at Midwest Cyclery.

Downtown Wheaton