Owner Dick O’Gorman

Ivy is an award-winning, fine dining restaurant that takes a unique approach in the creation of our seasonal menus and our carefully curated wine list. In addition, we have the best patio in town, enjoy creating unique events throughout the year, and thrive on giving back and being an integral component in the community. 

Why did you start or get into this business. I grew up in Wheaton and saw that the building was vacant, I asked Carol if she could fix it. She was up for the challenge. I had sold some other restaurants and was looking to open another. Wheaton is the perfect location, parking garage, private rooms and a great patio.

What will customers ALWAYS find when entering your business? In addition to a genuine smile, we really pride ourselves on the decor and staging of the restaurant. There isn't a holiday or season that gets overlooked. We do this throughout the entryway, the main dining room and our two private event spaces--the chef's room and the board room. People who look at our private spaces and main dining room, whether that's for a baby or bridal shower, a wedding rehearsal dinner or small reception or even for a celebration of life/memorial service, always comment on how lovely it all looks. Those decor elements really help their events and special occasions because it is less they have to think about, leaves a lasting impression, and makes for some beautiful elements in photos.

Who knew?! - What is your best kept secret product or service that you offer to customers? There are three actually. First, our carefully curated wine list. Last year, my General Manager, Jason Sandquist, went before the liquor commission and had an addendum added to the liquor law/license to allow guests to be able to purchase unopened bottles of wine. A lot of the wine we have on our list cannot be purchased at a liquor store. This addendum gives you the opportunity to purchase wine unopened from us to enjoy at home at a later time/date. It's great for those who are wanting to either start or add to a wine collection/cellar. Our Sunday breakfast buffet is another one because it is truly is the most affordable and delicious breakfast around. It has a lot to do with the fact that we offer a carvery, a mimosa bar and create your own omelet and waffles stations. It's affordable and the entire family can enjoy it. Lastly, my best product or service that we offer to our customers is our staff. I have the best team in town - staff members who are devoted, loyal and truly passionate about the community and the guests of Ivy.   

What is something you want customers to remember about your business? We wouldn't be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year without them. I have the world's greatest customers and it's one of the reasons why I love to spend so much time at Ivy.

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