Carlson True Value

Dave Harms, Manager

Carlson True Value is a hardware store in Downtown Wheaton that offers many products and services you typically find at a hardware store but also has a wonderful giftware section in the front where you will find treasures for yourself or as a gift for others.

Why did you start or get into this business. Carlson's has been a paint store since 1915. The store has been a hardware store in the same location since 1928.

What will customers ALWAYS find when entering your business? Customers will always find knowledgeable people who know what we have, and can help solve your problems. We also service lawn mowers and snow blowers, and we repair lamps.

Who knew?! - What is your best kept secret product or service that you offer to customers? If we don't have what you need, you can order online at and it will be shipped free to our store on the next Tuesday.

What is something you want customers to remember about your business? This is a locally owned business with a long record of good service to our customers.

Downtown Wheaton